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Aging Transport Truck Threatens Honoring Our

 Fallen Heroes and Delivering Comfort and Healing To Ohio Communities — You Can Help Today!

Join efforts to replace the Ohio Flags of Honor transport truck

UPDATE:  We now have a new truck!!!!

Fundraising will continue towards future maintenance for the truck.






Dear Fellow Supporter of our military heroes and families,


     Ohioans take pride in supporting their military heroes.  The Ohio Flags of Honor traveling memorial events have helped Ohioans show their support since 2005.  These events honor the daughters, sons, sisters and brothers who have died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and throughout the world fighting the War on Terrorism.


     However, the traveling memorial faces a challenge that needs your help today.  The truck that is used to deliver the flags and equipment desperately needs to be replaced.


     To date, the Ohio Flags of Honor has paid tribute with over 100 weekend events at 26 locations throughout Ohio.  The events enlist the support of local governments and volunteers for around-the-clock tribute to Ohio's fallen.


     During event ceremonies, the names of each fallen individual are announced followed by a single bell toll.  A representative, in many cases a family member, carries a U.S. flag bearing the fallen hero's name on the pole to a place in the memorial field.  The resulting growth in the numbers of flags becomes humbling as a vast array of flags marks the landscape.


     The U.S. flags, flying freely in the breeze...leave a vivid...but silent tribute to the men and women who have given their all in protecting our freedoms.


     The scene is reverent, affecting, and healing.  And the meaning of this support to the families involved cannot be overstated.


      If you have not yet attended one of these traveling memorial events, please make the time to do so.  You can also check out this short video clip from the 2006 opening ceremony in Brook Park, Ohio.


















     Many volunteers working with local governments are involved in planning and running the actual events.  But the events cannot take place if the necessary equipment, that is, the flags and poles and displays are not delivered.  F-350 pulling trailer.


     Gino and Lisa Zimmer lost their son, Specialist Nicholaus E. Zimmer, in May 2004.  Since 2005,

Mr. Zimmer, using his Ford F-350 truck, has transported all the flags, an equal number of poles and stakes and other memorial displays via covered trailer across Ohio.


    The F-350, now 22 years old and more than 300,000 miles, is failing.


     Last Summer, the truck broke down on interstate I-71.  This past Summer, two repairs over a five-week period have cost $4500.00. These costs weigh heavily on the Ohio Flags of Honor funds.


     This website,, was created to encourage donations for the non-profit Ohio Flags of Honor.  Its current goal: Raise money to replace the truck that delivers the flags and equipment.US Flag and flagpole with fallen hero's name.


     Like you, we are patriotic Americans.  We have seen and felt the profound impact that this memorial of over 700 U.S. flags has had as it has traveled throughout Ohio.  While this memorial specifically honors our Fallen Heroes from the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the memorial has ministered to all our veterans and families of our Nation's fallen from all wars.


     It would be a tragedy if this healing ministry and beautiful memorial were unable to continue because the transport truck is too old and worn to meet the demands of the annual display schedule throughout Ohio.


     So, won't you please join us in our commitment to "Keep the Flags of Honor Rolling" throughout Ohio by generously donating to this worthwhile cause.


     Your contribution, when combined with those of businesses and other compassionate people, will keep the flags of honor rolling.


     Please help today.  Make your tax-deductible donation by selecting the "Donate" button.  For your protection, you will be brought to where you can use your credit or debit cards or your PayPal account to donate.


     Thank you for your caring heart and your most generous gift.


















Now accepting donations towards future repairs and maintenance for the new truck.




Mike Byrne



Parma Heights, OH

Dennis Patten


 Council President

Brook Park, OH


Angelo Nuzzo


 Lieutenant Colonel

(Retired), USAF


Tim Zvoncheck


 VFW Post 3345



Robin White


 Brook Park, OH

Service Department


Ted Lux


 Brecksville, OH

Human Services Department


Joe Schneeberger


 United Fundraising


Mike Kekic


 Winds of Change


Brent Collins


 Public Safety Director

Parma Heights, OH

Ohio Flags of Honor has paid tribute

with over

100 weekend events

at 26 locations throughout Ohio.


Your contribution will ensure the events can continue!


Please help by making a donation today.

Display of battlefield gravesite

Transport truck being towed on a flatbed tow truck.F-350 being towed

Dear friends of the Ohio Flags of Honor, On behalf of Gino and Lisa Zimmer, the Board of Directors and the Fundraising Committee, we want to say thanks to all of our friends who donated to the Ohio Flags of Honor Truck Fund. We are proud to say we now have a “new” truck for the fund! We were able to raise over $37,000 towards the truck. And thanks to the generosity of Ricart Ford, we were able to get a pristine 2011 F-350 Ford Lariat Diesel with just 44,000 miles. They also included a 6-year, 100,000 mile warranty on the truck. This truck will provide Gino the transportation he needs for as long as he continues to travel with the Flags of Honor. We want to thank everyone who donated to this wonderful cause and to anyone who has helped along the way. The Ohio Flags of Honor is a grass-roots organization and could not survive without the support of all the people who have helped since its beginnings back in 2005. Thank you , thank you , a million times thank you!!! Sincerely, The Ohio Flags of Honor Truck Fund Committee This website will remain active to accept any further donations. Any additional donations will go towards future repairs and maintenance.


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